Send me your list

If you have already sent me your stationery, or we have spoken and I have confirmed your booking, please review the “Guest List Check List” below BEFORE sending me your list using the form on this page. Thank you!

Guest List Check List

  1. Your list is FINAL! Meaning: no more names will be added by you, your partner, your mothers, or Great Aunt Sybil who thinks the girlfriend of her neighbor’s sixth cousin nine times removed should be invited as well because they just celebrated their one-month dativersary 🙂
  2. First Names are spelled correctly
  3. Last Names are spelled correctly
  4. The proper titles are correct (Dr. Mr. Mrs. Ms. Miss, Sir, etc.)
  5. Additional guest names are spelled correctly (for inner envelopes only)
  6. Street address is correct
  7. City is spelled correctly
  8. You have the correct State
  9. The zip/ post code is correct
  10. You have the correct national designation, if applicable
  11. Your list has the following columns:
    1. Invitee
      1. Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Brown,
      2. Miss Melissa Brown & Guest
      3. Mr. Stephen P. Brown and Ms. Melissa Marolla
        (I can help you with the proper etiquette)
    2. Additional guest first names (usually children in order of age)
    3. Street address 1
    4. Street address 2
    5. City
    6. State
    7. Zip/ Post code
    8. Country
  12. Your list is saved in Excel, Word, as a PDF or as a Google Sheet or Doc.

If your list complies with all of the above, please go ahead and…