Do you ever feel like you have so many options at your fingertips, you aren’t even sure what you want anymore and can’t make a final decision? I do. Just when I think I’m narrowing down my choices to one that I can commit to (in any category), a few more appear. “But wait, that’s nice too…”

In this global civilization, it seems the possibilities are endless, and all you need to do is keep perusing the internet to find what it is you want…or not. The downside to the undisputed convenience of the internet is that your own creativity and thoughts become stifled in a sea of selections, poseurs and copycats. And when you think you have made a choice, there is yet more customization to come before you’re really finished. When are we satisfied?

In this new year, join me in weeding the garden of your life (thanks for that mental picture, Czarina)! Turn down the noise of the crowd. Get back to basics. Maybe surf the internet a little less – if you’re in business, you won’t be as bogged down by what the “competition” is doing, and when shopping for yourself, you might go with something different to what the world says you want.  You only get one chance to be an original.

Wishing you a happy, healthy 2016!

Melissa 🙂