I am beyond delighted to feature this project, not only because it was a pleasure to do for this particular client, but also because it involved working with my dear friend, fine artist Ellen Hack again. 🙂

Penny had gotten a recommendation for my work and called me on the phone to discuss doing a commissioned piece for her niece’s wedding. The piece was an English translation from the Hebrew Song of Songs by Roy Croft. Penny was going to read it on the day of the wedding, to bless the newly married couple and bring the Jewish tradition to the event. After discussing all of her wishes for the project, we decided that I would copy the piece in hand calligraphy on 8×10 linen paper, and that Ellen would work her watercolor magic (!!) on the 11×14 matting surrounding it.

Ellen painted traditional Hebrew scenes and symbolism, including the Tree of Life and fruitful grape vines. In her mountain scene, she incorporated a running stream from the Garden of Eden. Here it is (I don’t have Ellen’s logo, but all credit goes to her for the painting design):


When we presented it to Penny, it was clear that she loved it. I’m looking forward to a friendship with her in the future as well, and wish the young newlyweds all the best!