Many of my clients tell me that putting together the guest list (deciding on a number to invite and scrambling to collect addresses from all sides of the family) is one of the most challenging aspects of planning a wedding or formal event. It can be hard to track everyone down, remember who moved out of the state/country recently, and make sure each invitation gets to the right place.

Often, it seems inevitable that there will be some changes to the guest list along the way, or additions that were either left off the original list by mistake or included at the last minute. When this happens, you may feel like things are spinning out of control. My clients often voice their stress at this point.


TIP: If you anticipate that you might have additions or corrections, even last minute, collect them all at once instead of emailing or texting them to your calligrapher one by one. Keeping them together in one email or message will help you keep it together in your own mind. Since hand-calligraphy with bottled ink does require prep time and drying time, your friendly calligrapher will also thank you for making all your additions in a batch rather than having to catch up with each individual straggler.

Hope this helps! Make it a great week 🙂