When I speak with people about why they decided against calligraphy for their wedding or event, these are the most common answers I hear. So I’m going to debunk these myths for you now. 🙂 Here are the 3 most common misconceptions about handwritten calligraphy, in my experience…

1. It’s just too expensive. I have even had a bride-to-be at a bridal show ask me sarcastically if this is the “cheapest” option (clearly what she was looking for). And she would be right, there is nothing “cheap” about handwritten calligraphy. It’s exquisite, and people who are looking for cheap will probably not go this route. However (and this is a big however), it doesn’t break the bank. When you think about how much money goes into the high-ticket aspects of an event, like the venue, food, music, and even photos, handwritten calligraphy is very likely the smallest expense. I am always happy at the shock and surprise when families realize how affordable it actually is in the scheme of things.

2. It takes too much time. Although calligraphy does require some time to execute, having it done will not blow your deadlines out of the water. In my experience, it usually takes 1-2 weeks max per project, depending on the calligrapher’s schedule. The biggest issue is lack of planning ahead.

3. No one cares about the envelopes (place cards, escort cards, etc.)- they just get thrown away. I always get upset when I hear this assumption – so not true! Clients and their guests often tell me that they have scrapbooked, framed or otherwise preserved the stationery from their loved ones’ events, including envelopes and place cards, especially when hand calligraphy is involved. The stationery itself becomes a special piece of artwork.

So if you are thinking of hand calligraphy for your next life event, I hope this sets your mind at rest. Have a wonderful weekend, and happy event planning! 🙂