Much earlier in my blogging years, I posted an article that gave some important tips on how to submit your guest list for hand-calligraphy – you can refer to the post by clicking here. Basically, these tips revolve around the use of Word or Excel to type out the guest names and addresses (for maximum legibility!) and making sure to provide a copy, while keeping the master list for yourself.

Here I’m going to address another important aspect of your guest list – proofreading.


Why it’s important to proofread your list before submitting it:

1. Your calligrapher has no idea who the people are. 😉  Only you know your family and friends personally, and in many cases they may have ethnic or other unique spellings of their names. While your calligrapher may be willing and/or able to look up addresses online to correct typographical errors pertaining to street names, cities or states, proper names will likely be misspelled if you don’t double check them beforehand.

2. Your goal is the all-important first impression. Since the envelope or escort card always provides an impression to guests, be a star! This is the first thing they are going to see when opening the invitation to your event or walking into the reception hall, so don’t settle for misspellings. Make them feel important and you will stand out, too, by default.



Any questions? Just ask! 🙂