Many people know that Stephen and I had a Catholic wedding ceremony in the church I grew up in, and a reception at the Berkeley Plaza on July 3, 2004.  However, our close family and friends also know that several months prior, on October 16, 2003, we were legally wed at Trinity Cathedral in Cleveland, Ohio, the city where we were living at the time.

After Stephen and I got engaged, he moved out to Cleveland to pursue an opportunity in music at Cleveland State University. I was finishing my Masters degree in New Jersey, so it wasn’t feasible for me to join him in Ohio until I was done with the coursework and had only the thesis left to go (which I completed via distance – thanks to my very understanding professors and readers! :)). We were prepared to live together as an engaged couple until the wedding which was planned for July of ’04, but for many reasons we decided to bump it up and just make it official a bit earlier. Not least of these reasons was Stephen’s immigration status – we needed to get the ball rolling on permanent residency, unless he wanted to continue reporting his changes of status to the government wherever he went. Therefore we were married in the medieval nave of the Cathedral, on a Thursday night at 11:30 pm. Here is a picture of the exact space where we stood with the Dean, 2 witnesses and 2 candlesticks (there were no chairs present):

(Romantic, huh? I think so, too.)

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What’s your story? Did you or would you ever consider eloping with your beloved? What are the pros and cons of elopement, in your view? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!