I had a conversation with an artist friend a while back that went something like this:

Her: I loved your blog post on thermography, it was so interesting.

Me: Yeah, there seems to be quite a science to it. I’d love to learn more sometime, to really get some training.

Her: Training? You don’t need training…training is overrated.

Me: Hmm… (wheels turning)

She seemed to be telling me that although she had had some training, formal education wasn’t the alpha and omega of creating good art. Hmm, I say again.

My husband Stephen and I debate this all the time, as it pertains to music and other art forms as well. In the movie / musical “Once”, the Guy and Girl meet by happenstance and basically jam their way to making an indie record in one weekend. No training mentioned there…

Of course, knowing the basics of music theory, color, paint application and tools of your specific trade are all useful to the act of creation. What do you think about this debatable topic? Is the proper training necessary to creating art, or is it overrated? Is raw, natural talent enough? How does this relate to other disciplines, like academics or sports? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! 🙂