I was thrilled when New York native Cindy called and asked me to address her envelopes in handwritten calligraphy, not only because she was incredibly sweet (warm people always make me want to work with them!) but also because her story was the third in a string of similar love stories I had heard recently, one of which was even captured in an article in the Tampa Bay Times.

Cindy had known and dated Mark back when she was a teenager, and as fate would have it, they both married other people, had families, and went on with their lives. However, now in their 50s after their previous marriages ended, they found each other again and are starting a life together.

There is something romantic about second chances. When you go through the pain of divorce or the loss of a spouse (I can only imagine these difficulties), it can often be a comfort to rediscover a love from your youth, the one that you never forgot but always wondered about.

Wishing Cindy and Mark all the best as they begin their new adventure. 🙂CindyJwedCindyJwed2