Picture the scene: you are on cloud nine, having gotten engaged and set your wedding date. After the initial elation subsides, it’s time to get down to business, which means selecting and booking the professionals that are going to make your event a success.

When you are finally ready, you order your invitations either online or from your friendly stationery retailer / designer. You already have in mind that you want the envelopes addressed in handwritten calligraphy. So what are 2 extremely important things to note as you go through this process?

1. Take care when choosing your envelopes. I wrote a more descriptive post on this earlier (feel free to read it here); in general, the regular paper envelopes are best – anything glossy may cause ink smudging, and anything with a fabric feel or thick [fabric] liner may cause feathering or severe bleeding of the ink. Consult with professionals if you aren’t sure, and then make a wise decision.

2. Build plenty of time into your schedule. In recent times, “calligraphy” has come to include both hand-lettering and the extensive list of fonts available on the computer. If you have your heart set on hand calligraphy, and have already chosen your envelopes with help if needed, remember that this takes time, not only to complete each address or name by hand, but also for the ink to dry. Think of it as if you were commissioning a painting – the Sistine Chapel wasn’t done in a day! (You know what I mean. ;))

If you allow 2-3 weeks for your stationery order to come in, you should build at least 1-2 weeks turnaround in for the calligraphy, depending on how large the order is. Overshoot a bit if you need to, just to be on the safe side. The calligrapher you choose may be booked during your particular time frame, so you may have to continue to shop around, but you risk more when you do not allow enough time for the job to be done properly.

Callig inkpot

As always, I am happy to answer questions or point you in the right direction. Paper and ink are meant to be savored. Enjoy the process and good luck!

Melissa 🙂