When I was little, it didn’t matter what type of creative activity I was doing at the moment – writing short stories, drawing pictures, or role-playing my whimsical imaginings – my grandpa supported everything I did. While my parents were concerned with meeting our physical needs and raising us, I could always count on having some fresh paper at the bottom left drawer of his desk to “work” with during the summer weeks I spent at his house at the Jersey shore.

A lot of people don’t know that besides being a baker by trade and working in the Bank of New York for decades, Grandpa was also an artist. He painted landscapes and woodsy scenes from sight and memory. Some of his work was shown in local exhibitions. My mom has most of his paintings now, although I do have this one, probably his simplest painting of a lily-of-the-valley.


When I started my calligraphy business in 2006 and mentioned it to him, it was no surprise that he supported this, too. One day, packages of parchment paper appeared on my doorstep and I have been doing custom work with that ever since.  His passing in 2007 was a great loss. I never told him in so many words what his support meant to me, but I’m sure he knows now. 🙂

Many of us slog through each day at a j-o-b and remind ourselves of why we have to do things we may not love to do.  It is part of the climb up the proverbial ladder and the need to support ourselves however we can. I encourage you to get back to your roots, whatever that means for you, and not to lose sight of the important family members, friends and mentors who have been by your side, telling you “you can do it”.

Who has been your staunchest supporter as you aim to achieve your personal and career goals?