It’s true that we as a society have become somewhat over-connected, with our cell phones constantly in our hands, ready to type the next text or give someone the “thumbs-up” on Facebook. (I myself am guilty of this, admittedly.) The phone can be a convenient way to stay in touch with distant relatives and friends, or to finalize plans.

But what about at a wedding ceremony or other formal event? Here’s where cell phone use could become a distraction.

There are several reasons to “unplug” yourself during a wedding ceremony:

1. Simply to be in the moment with the couple, families and other guests. This is a special, once-in-a-lifetime day for people you care about. Turning off your cell phone will allow you to fully engage in witnessing their vows. You also become one with the people around you in a way that you don’t if you are looking at a screen. The score of the big game can wait.

2. Professional pictures will be shared after the event.  Chances are, the family has hired a professional photographer to capture all the special moments, candid expressions, and laughs of the event. Refraining from using your own phone camera validates the work of these professionals and allows you to stay “in the moment” with the family and other guests (refer to point #1 ;).

A client recently had me handwrite a cordial sign for the guests at their daughter’s wedding (great idea!) :


How would you address / have you addressed this issue of etiquette with your event or dinner guests?