“How do you write so straight?”

Since this is a question I am often asked by clients (which is a good thing), this blog post will be, as Marie Forleo puts it, “an A to that Q”!

No human handwriting is perfect, and one of the imperfections that has a tendency to come with writing by hand is the slant that the letters sometimes take on the page. Of course, getting it straight is a challenge that we all face, so there are a few tricks of the trade that help us.

A lightboard, or light box, which lines shine through, is useful for calligraphers and artists. Without a lightboard, another option is the use of fake lines – putting a lined piece of paper or card behind the stationery that you are writing on. The guide shines through and allows you to write smooth and straight. You may also choose to handwrite lines directly on the stationery with a pencil and ruler. If you opt to do this, you will need to give the ink ample time to dry before going back and erasing the pencil lines, to avoid smudging (which still may occur, so this is risky business, in my opinion).  Finally, if you are writing on dark colored stationery and lines do not shine through or show up on the paper at all, you may have to “eyeball it”…I have done this many a time and it takes practice, practice, practice!

It is also important to have plenty of light in the room when working on a piece. I always prefer the natural light of day.

So there you have it. With lots of time and dedication, you too can write straight, or leave it to the pros! These practices allow us to do our best work for you.