If you are anything like me, your shoulders may not be your best physical asset and you might be a little self-conscious about shamelessly displaying them. Sometimes this is not just a mere vanity issue – I personally know how much of a struggle it is to deal with broad shoulders and some curvature, especially for women.

Here is a pic of *the* one and only strapless dress I have ever worn in my almost 35 years of life (I was happy to do it for one of my closest friends’ big day! 😉 :


If you are a bride-to-be looking for some alternatives to strapless dresses for personal reasons, or if strapless is simply not your style, check out a few other options from Kleinfeld Bridal, including the lacy bodice with sleeves, halter, and assymetrical style (sometimes at least one strap is better than none).

Local brides can find what they are looking for at boutiques like The White Closet Bridal and All Brides 2 Be in Tampa.

It’s your big day to walk confidently, so find a dress that enhances your best features. Play up your strengths and radiate! 🙂