I came across this term in a book I am reading called “Fred 2.0” (a followup to Mark Sanborn‘s first book about Fred, titled “The Fred Factor“). It’s a real live account of the author’s friend, Fred Shea, who works for the US post office and goes above and beyond the call of duty in his work, not for the recognition, accolades, raises or promotions, but just because “it’s the right thing to do”.

“Freds” are those people who take steps to not only provide good service, but to do everything possible to ensure that their clients have an amazing experience. Some of the things Freds do for their colleagues and / or clients would be things like remembering their birthdays (and doing something to celebrate it), traveling to meet clients when there is a need, and other actions that build relationships and create value, regardless of their written job description.

Freds can be anywhere – at work or at home, in the office or right in the family mix.

Are you a Fred? Keep being extraordinary!