Details are important because they are your very own. No two weddings or events are alike because each one is especially designed by and for the families involved. Ceremony, venue, floral arrangements, music, stationery, fashion and more come together to create something beautiful and memorable.

I didn’t have a videographer the day of my Catholic wedding. Instead, Mike LoBasso of Dash of Class Entertainment and his fabulous team set up a simple video system at the church. With this, they were able to shoot the highlights of the ceremony for guests who were only able to make it to the reception. Together with the baby photo montage and other features, the team created a mini-video that they displayed on plasma screens at the reception venue, and Stephen and I got to keep a copy at the end of the night. However there was no one with a video camera shooting live footage of the dance floor for 4-5 hours. What we had worked for us, although when I think back to my Sweet 16 party, I realize how special it was to have captured on video personal messages from my family members who are now departed.

If you could do your wedding (or another life event) over again, are there any details that you left out that you would incorporate? Why did you decide to forego them? Let us know! 🙂