Handwritten calligraphy is all about first (and lasting) impressions. Unlike any other art form, it stylizes the written alphabet to communicate not only through the meaning of the words, but through the visual impact as well. It gives an impression of the event to which you are inviting your guests and loved ones, and choosing it for your event or as a gift is a reflection of you.

Kristan, one of the fabulous former brides I’ve had the pleasure of working with, had her wedding in Florida, although many of the friends and relatives she invited were in California. Some of my clients have actually remarked that having their invitations addressed by a calligrapher raised the number of positive RSVPs to their destination weddings from out of state. The impression was so great that these guests felt they wanted to attend, regardless of the travel required. Now that’s love! 🙂


Can you remember making an exciting first impression? How did it turn out? What are some ways you make impressions on others?