When Conductor / Composer Stephen P. Brown posted some of his uplifting goals for 2013 on his own blog, he inspired me to do the same. A new year is always a time to be grateful for what has happened over the course of the past year, the good and the bad, and for the lessons learned through each experience. And, as I was reminded by a fellow businesswoman this morning, a new year always brings endless possibilities.  So these are my personal goals and visions for 2013:

* To stay positive. Sometimes when disappointment occurs, we have a tendency to shut down for a while, become disillusioned and wallow. Staying positive is a choice and a conscious effort every day. Even though 2012 has brought a few personal disappointments our way, it’s been a growing year for my business. In 2013 I’m resolving to stay bright and buoyant! 🙂

* To focus on health and family through good eating and exercise practices – always a challenge, right? But we can do it.

* To maintain the wonderful relationships I’ve made in 2012 and strengthen them, with family members, old friends, new friends, and clients. You are so loved and appreciated!

With that, Happy New Year to all. May we enter 2013 boldly, with faith, hope and promise!

Best wishes,