I’ve recently subscribed to Marie Forleo’s newsletters, in which she replies to fans’ questions via video (MarieTV) and offers some pretty great business advice. I like Marie. She’s cute and spunky. And although she’s a bit kooky sometimes – i.e. raps and dances for her viewers – she usually makes a lot of sense.

Over the last several months she’s featured guests like Chris Guillebeau of The $100 Startup and Brendan Bouchard, who talk about their own startups in business, share their goals and offer encouraging words of perseverance. This week, her guest was Ramit Sethi, and something he said struck me as golden: “Price, when you’ve conveyed your value, is a triviality.”

If you think about it, we do see people purchasing on sheer math alone at times (“not cheap enough…move on”), but we also know that they will spend a pretty penny on products or services that they see the value in. In these cases, making the choice to obtain that useful product or the service that saves them time and effort – time savers are huge! – trumps the money that they will outlay. No doubt we’ve all said to ourselves that what is dispensable to some is largely valuable to others, and vice versa. Consumerism is all about perceived value.

Have *you* conveyed your value?