One of the FAQs I receive from clients is the following: “what is your turnaround time?”

I often ask clients to book time for calligraphy in advance – once they have ordered their invitations and have an approximate date by which they will receive them, they should let their calligrapher know so that time can be scheduled.

The turnaround time for each calligrapher may vary – I usually tell my clients that a project of envelopes will take about 7-10 days to complete by hand, and a project of place cards will take less time than this (about 1 week) to complete. When working by mail or courier, we also budget 2-3 days for shipping each way, depending on where the client is located.

Brides, remember to budget your time effectively (and read more here about this in terms of wedding invitations) to keep your wedding planning stress-free!