When submitting your guest list for the envelopes to be hand-addressed, always be sure to follow these general “rules”:

1. Submit the list in a Word document or Excel spreadsheet, typed out. Remember to include all titles (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.) as you would want them to appear on the envelopes – this also helps to indicate family relationships so the names are listed correctly.

Include guests’ names, complete addresses (apartment or unit numbers go on a separate line below the building number and street), city and state names spelled out, and the zip code. If children are invited, please indicate their first names. Oh, and remember to proofread!  Here are a few quick examples:

Mr. and Mrs. Will Shakespeare
123 Any Street
Apartment 2A
Anytown, New York 12345

Dr. and Mrs. John Smith
(Jacob and Emma)
1 Local Avenue
Beachtown, Florida 34567

In an Excel spreadsheet, the only difference would be that the lines are set horizontally in fields.

See how clear it is?

2. Be sure that the copy you provide is either a hard copy or electronic copy, sent via email. I will often write notes, check-marks or make clients’ corrections right onto the printed document, so remember to keep the “master list” at home for your own reference. You may want to keep a hard copy and a digital copy, just in case.

Following these steps will make it much easier to decipher how everything should read. Your friendly calligrapher will thank you! 🙂