This is the topic that is usually the deal-breaker when couples decide for or against having their invitations and place cards addressed in handwritten calligraphy – “how much is it really going to cost?”

Lots of people write off the idea of having hand-rendered calligraphy done because they fear it’s going to kill their budget. Let’s look at some specifics, to determine where most of the wedding budget goes. In my experience – I was a regular bride on a budget during the last decade – this is an average breakdown ($ stand for digits):

Venue / reception hall: $$$$$
Photographer: $$$$
Videographer: $$$$
DJ/ music: $$$$
Flowers: $$$$
Dress: $$$-$$$$
Cake: $$$
Invitations: $$$

…and way down here at the bottom, the cost of calligraphy may come in at $$-$$$, depending on how many guests you are inviting to the shindig. A lot of us actually get paid 90% less than other wedding / event vendors, per project – which to me is fair.

Of course, there are calligraphy studios with very experienced graphic design artists that charge upwards of $4 per envelope for those with a larger wedding budget. There are also very talented calligraphers that charge less than this based on their training and experience, but will get the job done right. In essence, the idea that hiring a calligrapher will make or break your entire budget is somewhat of a myth. I personally tend to publish my rates on my website, so that couples can do the math and know right away how much addressing the invitations, escort cards, etc. will cost. If you ask the right questions, you’ll find that calligraphy is truly valuable and an affordable detail within the wedding suite.