Just sending a little reminder to be sure to get extras when ordering invitations for your wedding or event! Invitations will often come in packages of 25, so even if you’re planning to send out 75 invitations, for example, be sure to ask for that extra package anyway so that you end up with 100.


There are a couple of reasons for this:

– Last-minute additions. If your family or future in-laws decide to make a few last-minute additions to the guest list (sometimes this is inevitable), you’ll have the invitations on hand without scrambling to obtain more at a moment’s notice.

Your friendly calligrapher will thank you. – Professional calligraphers should be seasoned at hand-lettering without making many mistakes, but we are only human after all, and ink flow issues occasionally happen. Supplying plenty of extras “just in case” will allow you to be sure everything gets done correctly. You will undoubtedly have leftovers, which will be returned to you.

Happy Friday, everyone!