Last month I had the privilege to write an article about calligraphy as a guest blogger on Mark Moberg’s site, After I Said Yes. It was great to get the word out about the value and personal touch of hand-lettering, specifically for weddings – and hopefully to dispel some myths in the process.

As I skimmed the older posts to get an idea of how the blog was structured and to get familiar with some of the contributors’ thoughts, I was struck by this entry in particular. It gave a personal account of how years down the road, people revisit their wedding photographs (in this case, on the occasion of a 50th anniversary) and remember vividly and fondly the time, place and people who were there.

Photographs do the same thing for all of us. For example, when I was in high school I had an elaborate Sweet Sixteen celebration (similar to a quinceanera in Hispanic cultures). Not all families do this, but I was glad to be surrounded by relatives and friends and it was a wonderful night. The other day, as I looked back on the photo album of that evening, I was reminded of a beloved uncle, and a very special great-aunt – a family matriarch – who are no longer with us and the photos really capture the essence of their personalities. I know that in years to come my wedding album will have the same importance, not just as a memento of the day, but as a way to share the moments that make friends and loved ones live on.

So don’t take this lightly when hiring! Be sure to invest in the work of an artist who can truly capture the special moments of your event. The memories will last, not only for a lifetime, but for generations to come.