Since several clients have been asking about the latest updates to my online Portfolio, I figured I’d break down the differences among the lettering styles, explain which styles I use for which events, and generally give potential clients an idea of what they can expect (in addition to outstanding service and professionalism! 😉

“Angeline” script: this is a classic handwritten script, much like the cursive script of Catholic school teachers. I named this style of handwriting after my mom, who has impeccable penmanship and taught the same to me as a girl when I begged her. Useful for: addressing greeting cards, announcements, and place cards. Currently available in black ink only.

Flourished italic: a broad-pen style that is versatile, legible, classic and elegant. It will also not confuse the USPS with too many “loops”. Over the years I have taken my training in the italic alphabet and enhanced it with personal touches. It is done with a smaller pointed nib, so it blends well with either print or script fonts.  This lettering style is available in your choice of a variety of ink colors. Useful for: basically anything, and my most popular for weddings. This is what you will probably get if you book me for an event.

Celtic scroll: also a broad-pen calligraphy style (uncial), this hand can be seen on maps of Middle Earth and at most Renaissance faires. It’s fun to do and is also available in your choice of ink color. Useful for: themed events.

“Utterly Dotty”: a fun lettering style that consists of a dotted print. Currently available in black ink only. Useful for: birth announcements, birthday parties, and other events involving children or where a cute effect is desired.

To see pictures of these lettering styles, be sure to visit my Portfolio page at!