My friend Cherin Szul and I met during senior year of college, on a summer study program in Spain. We got to know each other then and enjoyed each other’s company at school, but life took distinct paths (as it does) and we didn’t see each other much after graduation. We caught up again in recent years thanks to Facebook, and as it turns out she is in the industry too and has become one of my favorite wedding pros!

I decided to interview her so that my readers could get to know a little about what she does:

MMB: How and why did you start Customized Wedding Creations?

CS: I started CWC back in 2007 when I was planning my own wedding. I have always been crafty, so when I saw a “how to” on how to paint my own aisle runner, I just had to try it. I enjoyed it and started showing other people my work and things just started taking off from there.

MMB: What is your favorite part about being in the “life event” industry?

CS: My favorite part is the fact that I have a small part in such a big day. Often my products are the focal point of weddings and other events, which is quite an honor.

MMB: What wedding trend do you see a lot of brides currently following?

CS: My brides are still going with the peacock theme, a trend I’m surprised to still see. They also are tending to go with more crystallized designs – meaning I’m having a lot more requests and orders for aisle runners and other products with Swarovski crystal encrusted designs.

MMB: What do your clients love most about the work you do?

CS: From what my clients have told me, they like the quality of my work and also my customer service. Both are very important to me, so I’m glad they aren’t overlooked by my clients.

Thanks so much, Cherin! Check out more of her work on her website, Customized Wedding Creations,  and be sure to follow her on Facebook as well. 🙂