As the daughter of an Italian immigrant, and therefore first-generation American born, there was *no way* I was not going to have a big wedding. My dad would make sure of that. Looking back, the ceremony was beautiful and the reception was one of the best parties I had ever attended. A highlight of the evening for me was dancing the famous Italian tarantella with relatives and introducing this folk dance to friends who came from other cultures.  Here is a picture of some folk dancers doing the tarantella in the street:

As my friend / bridesmaid Alanah pointed out, this dance is a lot like the hora or the Greek wedding dance Kaslamantiano (I remembered dancing the hora when I was a bridesmaid in her Jewish wedding).  Here is a pic of me, circa 8 years ago – wow! – looking pretty fired up and having fun:

These memories make me proud of my heritage. Are there any ethnic wedding dances in your family? Talk about them here!