A wedding, as we all know, is the bride’s day to look and feel like a princess. So the last thing we the invited guests should be doing is upstaging her, right? We know better than that. Here are a few colors that have long been considered taboo for attending a wedding, and the accepted reasons why:

1) White: this is the bride’s color. Even for a summer wedding, wearing a white dress in attendance is almost forbidden – there is no better (or worse) way to upstage the bride herself.

2) The color of the bridesmaids: See #1- this is the color that the bride has chosen for her bridesmaids. If you aren’t in the wedding party, it too will upstage the ‘stars of the show’.

3) Red: Wearing all red has traditionally been considered too bold and bright for the occasion (in general, depending on the season, styles and colors for invited guests should be appropriate, but not draw too much attention).

So what do you think, ladies…do these seemingly outdated standards continue to hold true? What colors would you *never* wear to a wedding?  Leave your thoughts!