With all of the bigger issues you have to worry about before the main event comes up, the last thing on your mind is how you are going to address the invitation envelopes or the place cards. Somehow that part just gets done, either by you, or a family friend, or your computer printer – no big deal. So why hire a calligrapher anyway? The following are some problems or concerns that a calligrapher can help you solve:

1)  Time. It’s running out, and you still have to find a Saturday afternoon before the big day to address those envelopes. Take the pressure off! Hiring a calligrapher to do this for you will save precious time and energy, especially if you’re working crazy hours and just need to kick back instead of adding more stress to your life. Also, ask your calligrapher if he or she offers invitation assembly and /or will even mail your invites for you as part of the service. The less you have to do, the better.

2) Offending well-meaning people. If your great-aunt Rosie has beautiful handwriting and has offered to address your invitations just like she had done for all your cousins, but your best friend / maid of honor has been taking calligraphy classes on Saturday mornings at the adult school and wants to show off her skills by practicing on you, it’s time to book a calligrapher instead. Hiring a professional will ensure you get quality work without offending any of the well-meaning people who are just trying to help.

3) Your terrible handwriting. You never mastered the Palmer method in your third grade class, nor do you think penmanship is all that important. If you have horrible handwriting and you know it, there’s no shame in it. Hiring a calligrapher will take the pressure off of you and will give your event invitations the flair you are looking for.

4) Setting the right ‘tone’ for your event. It’s a concern that people talk about when planning one of, if not THE biggest event of their lives, and brides often express the need to set the right tone or mood beginning with the wedding invitation. A calligrapher will provide the professional, yet personal touch to the invitations that you have already selected to create the “first impression” of your event. Ask your calligrapher if he / she will match the colors of the invitation, for no extra charge.

5) No clue about etiquette. If you are in the process of finalizing your guest list, but really have no idea about etiquette: how to address married couples versus unmarried ones who live together, or singles with guests, hiring a calligrapher to address the envelopes for you should do the trick. A good calligrapher should understand etiquette and be able to help.