A wedding is a formal event involving plenty of preparation, emotion, excitement and a lot of special people. No one means to offend their guests, but sometimes a bit of drama creeps in (inevitably!) as the big day approaches. The following are a few of the common blunders that have been made in the past – read on to be sure that YOU are not found guilty of any of them and your special day goes as smoothly as possible!

1) Obvious requests for cash gifts. At times a wedding invitation might have a “fine print” clause in the bottom corner stating “Cash gifts only, please” or something similar. I personally have never received an invitation such as this, but any and all gifts should be graciously accepted by the hosts in order to ensure that their guests feel appreciated.

2) The “B” list. Another sure-fire way to offend your potential guests is to let the word out that you have a “B” list of invites. Many couples scale down their guest list to be sure the most important people are invited first (the “A” list) but then find that a lot of their out-of-town guests cannot attend, but they still need to guarantee a certain number in order to hold the venue. Hence, the “B” list. Just be sure that the existence of it doesn’t become common knowledge, otherwise the situation could be a bit sticky.

3) An extended gap of time between ceremony and reception. This is always a tough one, as sometimes the several-hour pause between a 2 pm wedding and 6 pm cocktail hour can be a drag. If this occurs, be sure that you as the host suggest various options for your guests to entertain themselves in the meantime. My husband and I attended a wedding last Spring that attempted to solve this problem by suggesting coffee houses, local sights, and even a scavenger hunt around the immediate area. Fun options to beat the lag.

4) Cheesy dances. Ok, we all know it’s true – how many of us really want to do the chicken dance or the hokey pokey at a wedding? The name of the game is class, so feel free to eliminate these if you feel so inclined. 😉

5) Stick to a schedule! Delays in ordering and addressing your wedding invitations can cause the possible snafu of being too late and interfering with the time in which to mail and receive RSVPs. Be sure to order your invitations with enough time to have them addressed and get them out 6-8 weeks before the event.

If you know of a worse wedding etiquette blunder than any of these, add it below!