I’ve been reading the free advice that’s circulating out there on the Web about the “calligraphy basics”: how to find the right calligrapher for your event, the information you’ll need to get from potential calligraphers before booking their services, the amount of money you can expect to spend on calligraphy for your wedding, etcetera. The more I read, the more perplexed I am, especially on two counts: price, and what seems to be the widespread perspective on the artwork itself.

According to the points in this article from the Wedding Guide, “the average calligrapher will charge you anywhere from $2-10 per invite.” However, some brides-to-be have posted on chat boards and declared my rates of $1.75 per outer envelope or $2.50 per set of inner / outer envelopes pricy. What do you, my readers, think of this? Any opinions?

In addition, you scroll down in the article to read that “you’ll also want to show each calligrapher your invitation and ask for a font sample before you make a decision.” While I agree with both points – I always ask to see the invitation beforehand, to get an idea of the tone of it, and definitely encourage potential clients to take a look at my portfolio – the message here seems to be that rather than specializing in certain hands, the artist is in the business of doing copywork and if they can’t copy the font that the invitation is printed in, move on.  To my knowledge, I don’t know any calligraphers who copy computer fonts. Every calligrapher I have met or studied with is an expert in a few unique “hands” (see my previous post on this topic here). Thoughts?