Many couples choose to have their place cards done in calligraphy for the big day, as well. This year, I’ve had the privilege to work with Vince and Robin on their daughter Shannon’s wedding stationery – check out a general view of the place cards below (chocolate brown ink).

Very often, the reception hall will provide place cards for the event. This is great, in that it saves families time and money searching for and purchasing their own! However, there is no guarantee that the cardstock will be the same. The place cards that the banquet hall provides all look the same, but could very well have been ordered at different times, on different qualities of paper – some that bleed the ink, and some that don’t. Using these can therefore result in the ink flow varying from card to card for the same event. Only you can decide whether or not this matters.

Tip: To avoid this, and if it’s within your wedding budget, order your place cards from a stationery store – even better, to match your invitation.