I was just reading some posts online and was disheartened to see that several brides had had unfortunate experiences with their calligraphers – ink smudging on the stationery, misspellings, even the use of two different ink colors to address envelopes for the same event!

Don’t be fooled: lots of people will say that the envelopes that your invites come in don’t matter much, that your guests will take a cursory glance at their name on the outer envelope, open the package and toss the paper ‘casing’ in the wastebasket. Do you know anyone who actually does that? In many cases, brides will get calls or messages commenting on the quality of the calligraphy, and in Oretha’s case, her recipients phoned from both the US and Europe.

Consistency is important, and people really do care.

Tips: Allow sufficient time to order stationery and work with the calligrapher on the specifics, like ink color and etiquette. When you pick up the finished product, jump in the air with excitement (because it is exciting!) and then take a few minutes to look through your stationery before leaving the studio. Don’t settle for shabby work – if there are errors, discuss it with your calligrapher immediately.